We're Back


Prairie Fire Newspaper went on hiatus after the publication of the September 2015 issue. It may return one of these days but until then we will continue to host all of our archived content for your reading pleasure. Many of the articles have held up well over the years. Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or an interest in helping return Prairie Fire to production. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all our readers, contributors, and supporters - the quality of Prairie Fire was a reflection of how many people it touched (touches).

After a three-month hiatus, Prairie Fire is back in print. We have a new sales team and a renewed energy to work on the goal of bringing you civil discussion about ideas and events that can change and improve our world. We’re not the only ones who are excited. We’ve heard from many of you—readers, advertisers, and friends of the paper—who said Prairie Fire fills a need not met by other regional publications and who have missed their monthly discussion of public policy, the environment, culture, and social issues.

We now turn to you, our supporters and readers, to help us continue the mission. Without ad revenue, we cannot continue to publish the monthly newspaper. As we’ve previously said, it costs about $15,000 per month to complete the editing, layout, design, printing, and seven-state distribution. Please call or email one of our new ad sales specialists (contact information on page two) and make your recommendations for possible advertisers.

We are also seeking essay writers for future issues. If you wish to have your writing considered for publication in the paper, please review our submission guidelines (found at www.prairiefirenewspaper.com/submissions) and then upload your essay and accompanying graphics to Submittable at www.prairiefire.submittable.com. If you’re having trouble using Submittable, contact our production editor, Cris Trautner, at cris[at]prairiefirenewspaper[dot]com or (402) 477-2065 for a step-by-step instruction sheet.


—The Prairie Fire Team

Immigration in Nebraska