Bringing Data and Historical Perspective to Nebraska's Tax Debate

Nebraska state senators during a recent session. (Unicameral Information Office)

By Renee Fry

Providing impartial research and analysis is particularly important this Nebraska legislative session with eighteen new senators, a new administration, and several other new elected officials eager for information on which to base their policy decisions. Our primary function at OpenSky Policy Institute is to bring data and facts to fiscal policy discussions. We believe lawmakers make better policy decisions when they have solid research, data, and analysis to work with. And sound policy decisions benefit us all.

Throughout this legislative session, lawmakers have been faced with a variety of tax cut proposals and a growing push to address Nebraska’s high reliance on property taxes to fund school and other key services. Compared to other states, our research shows Nebraska is second most reliant on property taxes to fund K–12 education.

Documentary Will Share Impact of Drought on Ag Production

By Molly Nance

Drought causes devastating impacts to agriculture and the environment. According to a recent report from the University of California in Davis, California’s current drought is expected to cost the state an estimated $2.2 billion this year, along with a loss of more than seventeen thousand jobs, as farmers are forced to fallow some valuable crops. Total cost projections from drought are difficult to quantify, but the World Economic Forum estimates that drought across the globe costs six to eight billion dollars a year from losses in agriculture and related businesses.

We're Back

After a three-month hiatus, Prairie Fire is back in print. We have a new sales team and a renewed energy to work on the goal of bringing you civil discussion about ideas and events that can change and improve our world. We’re not the only ones who are excited. We’ve heard from many of you—readers, advertisers, and friends of the paper—who said Prairie Fire fills a need not met by other regional publications and who have missed their monthly discussion of public policy, the environment, culture, and social issues.

Immigration in Nebraska

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